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Ana García-Arroyo

Professora associada / Adjunct professor


Teacher Training Degree (Universidad de Valladolid, 1990), Philosophy and Letters Degree with speciality in English Philology (Universidad de Valladolid, 1994), Postgraduate Certificate in Postcolonial Literatures and Cultures (Universidad de Barcelona, 1999), Master in English Philology (Universidad Autónoma Barcelona, 2001), PhD in English Philology (Universidad Autónoma Barcelona, 2005)


Analysis of Texts in English II, Reading and Writing I, Cultures of the Commonwealth: India, Listening and Speaking II, Postcolonial Literatures


Postcolonial Literature, Indian Studies and Indian English Literature, Gender Studies, Women's Studies, Creative Writing



Cuentos para educar el género. Guayaquil: Prologic Editores & Universidad Casa Grande, 2014.

Madre India. Barcelona: Kairós Editorial, 2012. (narrative-novel)

Historia de las mujeres de la India. Barcelona: Laertes Editorial, 2009. (Awarded by the Spanish Institute of Women)

Orissa, templos y tribus. Barcelona: Laertes Editorial, 2008.

Alternative Sexualities in India . Kolkata: Books Way, 2010.

Sexualidades alternativas en el arte y la cultura de la India. Barcelona: Ellas Editorial, 2006.

Colegios caros de curas. Barcelona: Ellas Editorial, 2007. (novel)

Fábulas feministas. Castellón: Universidad Jaume I, 2003. (A translation of Feminist Fables by de Suniti Namjoshi.

Other publications

"Indian English Women's Narratives from the 1950s to 1999: A Parallel Confrontation of Political Stories and Controversial Herstories". Review of Arts and Humanities Journal. American Research Institute for Policy Development. Vol. 5, Nº 1, 2016.

"Indian English Writer Wanted, or Responding to Aravind Adiga's country-mousiness". (Eds.) Ludmila Volná, Nilanshu Kumar Agarwal and Murari Prasad. Children of Midnight: Contemporary Indian Novel in English. New Delhi: Pencraft International, 2012. 70-84.

"Mujeres indias contra el asedio del 'progreso'". Economía Exterior. Nº 62, Otoño 2012.

"The Normative Patriarchal Family as a Conflictive Zone: A Reading of Manju Kapur's Custody". MUSE India. The Literary E-Journal. Jan-February, 2012.

"Same-Sex Love in India: Images from Ancient, Medieval and Modern Texts". Culture & Power: (Mis)representations. Intersections of Culture and Power. (eds.) Fernando Galván, Julio Cañero, José Fernandez. Berna: Peter Lang 2003.  (pgs: 113-122).

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