Universitat Rovira i Virgili

María del Carmen Rueda Ramos

 Profesora titular d'universitat / Senior Lecturer / Associate Professor

Education: Llicenciada en Filologia Anglogermànica (Anglès), Universitat de Barcelona (1987). Ph.D. in American Literature (2001) , Universitat de Barcelona

Teaching: Technical English for Engineering, English for Specific Purposes

Research: Literature of the American South, Contemporary Appalachian Literature, English for Specific Purposes, New technologies applied to foreign language teaching



Rueda Ramos, Carmen. Voicing the Self: Female Identity and Language in Lee Smith's Fiction. Valencia: Biblioteca Javier Coy de Estudios Norteamericanos, Universidad de Valencia, 2009. 254 pages.  ISBN  978-84-370-5538-1

Arnó, E.; Soler, A.; Rueda, C. (eds.) Information Technology in Languages for Specific Purposes: Issues and Prospects. New York: Springer (Educational Linguistics Series, vol. 7), 2006. 266 pages. ISBN 0-387-28595-4.

Rueda, C.; Arnó, E.; Soler, A. A Reading Course for Computing. Barcelona: Cedecs, 2001. 180 pages.   ISBN  84-95027-90-9     

Selected articles and book chapters

Rueda Ramos, C. "Staging Southern Culture: Liminality and Cultural Performance in Donald Davidson's The Big Ballad Jamboree" in The Performing South. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2106.

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- Rueda Ramos, C. "On Music in Her Mountain Novels: An Interview with Lee Smith." Atlantis 35.2 (2013): 157-169.

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Contact information:

Office: Escola Tècnica Superior d'Enginyeria
Telephone: 977559609
Avinguda dels Països Catalans, 26 
43007 Tarragona