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Beyond Translation: New rules, new translators.

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Round table organized by APTIC

Translation: new formats, new tools, new specializations... new translators!

Two professionals will tell us what it means to freelance in the field of translation and interpretating nowadays: translating, interpreting, proofreading... and many more things that the extraordinary versatility that our training allows us to do... anything but boring! Oh, and they will also explain to us what an association of professionals, APTIC, has to do with it.

Angelica Maria Ripa is a translator and interpreter and works every day with technical and legal-economic text, although she has the pleasure of combining these fields with other less sober and more creative fields like marketing and business.
Francesc Massana is a translator, proofreader, tester, layout designer (or layout translator, if you'd like to use the neologism), content editor and much more. Every day he works (and learns) to say "what...did they want to say?" (so he translates and improves); to place commas in their right place (he is being trained in this house, URV); to put the dots on the ies (that is to format documents and make sure they keep he format); to verify that what others said is actually said and written in a text (aka, to verify translations); and to help some of his clients to come up with ideas -on the line of the majeutics of Socrates, who was philosopher, not translator (so, writing contents or, if you want to sound cooler, copywriting). He lives by the motto "specialization is for insects" and is ready to duel anyone saying "apprentice of everything, master of nothing".

Campus Catalunya, URV, room 306, December 14th, 2019, 10-11:30.

Please register by sending an e-mail to master.tra@urv.cat.

Free entrance.


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