Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Charis Charalampous

Ramón y Cajal Research Fellow


PhD in English, University of Cambridge

MA in Renaissance Literature, 1500-1700, University of York

BA in English, University of Athens

Previous positions

2021-2022 University of Cyprus, Lecturer

2020-2021 University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus Campus, Lecturer

2019-2020 University of Athens, Lecturer

2015-2018 University of Cambridge, Toby Jackman Newton Trust Research Fellow

2014-2015 University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus Campus, Lecturer

Teaching Interests

Science and literature; early modern literature; poetry; Shakespeare; politics and literature; comparative literature; fairy tales

Research Interests

Science and literature; early modern literature; mind-body relation; history and philosophy of science; value of literary study

Current Projects

Literature and Quantum Mechanics, Words and Atoms, and Identity Trouble (UNITE)

The Historical and Transhistorical Value of Literary Study (HTV)



2024. Charis Charalampous, "The Substance Everything is Made of": A Brief History of the Atom's Ontology (Under review with Princeton University Press).

2016. Charis Charalampous, Rethinking the Mind-Body Relationship in Early Modern Literature, Philosophy and Medicine: The Renaissance of the Body (New York and London: Routledge). In 2019, the paperback edition was published. ISBN 9780367871321


2022. Charis Charalampous and Thalia Trigoni, "The Semiotic Pulsions of Dickinson's Poetry and their Medicinal Virtues," Theory Now, 6:1, 93-107.

2021. Charis Charalampous, "The Confined Atom: James Clerk Maxwell on the Fundamental Particles and the Limits of Scientific Knowledge," Perspectives on Science, 29:2, 189-214.

2020. Charis Charalampous and Thalia Trigoni, "Surreal Science and Scientific Surrealism: Dali and the Fundamental Building Blocks of Reality," in Realisms of the Avant-Garde, ed. David Ayers et al. (Berlin and Boston: De Gruyter), 139-152. ISBN 9783110637533.

2019. Charis Charalampous, "'One common matter' in Descartes's Physics: The Cartesian Concepts of Matter Quantities, Weight and Gravity," Annals of Science, 76:3-4, 324-339.

2018. Charis Charalampous, "One Plus One in Paradise Lost," Essays in Criticism, 68:3, 283-307.

2018. Charis Charalampous, "The Mirror and the Lover's I in Shakespeare's Sonnets: A Poet's Individuation Process," Early Modern Literary Studies, 20:1, 1-21.

2015. Charis Charalampous, "Thinking (of) Feelings in Donne's Poetry: The Signifying Rift and 'the evidence of things unseen,'" The Journal of Religion and Literature, 47:1, 61‒98.

2013. Charis Charalampous, "William of Ockham's Mind/Body Dualism and Its Transmission to Early Modern Thinkers," Intellectual History Review, 23:4, 537‒563.

2013. Charis Charalampous, "Making Sense of the Unutterable: The Wonder of Tragic Pleasure in Early Modern Dramaturgy," English Studies, 94:6, 668‒684.


2018. Charis Charalampous, "Graham Beynon, 'Isaac Watts: Reason, Passion, and the Revival of Religion,' Reviews in Religion and Theology, 25:4, 632‒634.

2016. Charis Charalampous, "Katharine Hodgkin (ed.), Women, Madness and Sin in Early Modern England: The Autobiographical Writings of Dionys Fitzherbert," Medical History, 60:3, 420‒422.

Contact information

Office: TBA