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Isabel Oltra-Massuet

Isabel Oltra

Professora Agregada Serra Húnter / Associate Professor - Serra Húnter Fellow
Research Affiliate at the Neuroscience of Language Lab - New York University and New York University Abu Dhabi.
External Collaborator at the Morphemes and Meaning Lab - Department of Linguistics, Queen Mary University London.
Member of the international research network NEON (Neoconstructionist Approaches to Spanish, Catalan and Basque).


Bachelor of Arts (Llicenciada) in Anglo-German Philology, Universitat de Barcelona (1991)

Master of Science in Linguistics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1999)

PhD in Linguistics by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (European mention) (2010)


Linguistics, English Language, English Grammar, Grammar and lexicon in the English language classroom, Pragmatics in the English language classroom


Linguistic theory, Morphology, Lexicon-syntax-semantics interface, Argument structure and event structure, Syntactic priming and the neural bases of human language



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