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Carmen Rueda retires

Altres  - 

After 14 years teaching in our department, Carmen Rueda has finished her last class, marked her last assignment, helped her last student, and has decided to start her well-deserved retirement.

Carmen holds a degree in Filologia Anglogermànica (Anglès), from the Universitat de Barcelona and completed her Ph.D. in American Literature from the Universitat de Barcelona in 2001.

Her research has been on the literature of the American Southcontemporary Appalachian literature, English for Specific Purposes, and new technologies applied to foreign language teaching.

In 2010 she held a Fulbright Scholarship to study music in Contemporary Appalachian Fiction

In addition to numerous articles and book chapters, Carmen has authored or co-authored a series of books:

Rueda Ramos, C. & Susana Jiménez Placer (eds.). Constructing the Self: Essays on Southern Life-Writing. Biblioteca Javier Coy de Estudios Norteamericanos. Valencia: Universidad de Valencia, 2017. 366 pages.

Rueda Ramos, C. Voicing the Self: Female Identity and Language in Lee Smith's Fiction. Valencia: Biblioteca Javier Coy de Estudios Norteamericanos, Universidad de Valencia, 2009. 254 pages.  ISBN  978-84-370-5538-1

Arnó, E.; Soler, A.; Rueda, C. (eds.) Information Technology in Languages for Specific Purposes: Issues and Prospects. New York: Springer (Educational Linguistics Series, vol. 7), 2006. 266 pages. ISBN 0-387-28595-4.

Rueda, C.; Arnó, E.; Soler, A. A Reading Course for Computing. Barcelona: Cedecs, 2001. 180 pages.   ISBN  84-95027-90-9 

The Department warmly thanks Carmen for her service to our teaching and research over the years, as expressed in gifts presented to her on 8 July 2024.


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