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In case anyone wants to know why abandoned kittens have teachers' names...

Altres  - 

Seven kittens found and named after inspirational teaching staff

Our colleague Marni Manegre reports:

Here is the story of the kittens. On June 17, my husband and I were cycling just outside Tarragona and we found five kittens and their parents in a cardboard box. We went back with our vehicle over the course of two days to verify that the cats were domestic and not feral and then brought them home. They have all had their vet appointments. The kittens are named: Geraint, Isabel, Liz, Joaquin, and Carmen.

We have found homes for Isabel, Geraint, and Carmen, but we are still looking for homes for Joaquin (orange male) and Liz (white female). Baby Carmen has been adopted by one of our fourth-year students and she is keeping the name. I believe the new mom for Baby Isabel is keeping the name also.

My husband (Robert) and I are adopting the parents, now called Todd and Matilda.


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