Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Renata Elzbieta Koba

Professora associada / Adjunct Professor 


2004 Training Seminar for Translation Teachers  organised by Consortium for the Training of Translation Teachers and the Intercultural Studies Group, URV

2004 English and German Studies PhD Course, Advanced Studies Diploma, URV

1999 MA in English Philology, University of Silesia, Poland

1997 BA in Humanities, University of Silesia, Poland 


Intermediate English (Tourism degree)

English II (Catalan and Spanish Language and Literature degrees)

Textual Analysis 1

Technical English


Technology-based cultures/ cyberpunk / science-fiction narratives

Personal website:



2003 Visions of the Human in Cyberculture, Cyberspace and Science Fiction organised by Learning Solutions in Anglo-American College in Prague: http://winchester.academia.edu/MarcusLeaning/Papers/301965

2005 Utopian Studies Society, Oporto, Portugal: www.virose.pt

2005 Cyberpunk versus Empire: Constructing Technotopia in the New World Order in Utopia Matters: Theory, Politics and the Arts (ISBN: 972-8025-40-8)

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Telephone: 977558862

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