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Marni Manegre

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Professora Associada/Adjunct Professor


Doctorate in Education and Technology in Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) with Universitat Rovira i Virgili, 2020

Master of Science in Linguistics, University of Alberta (2001)

Bachelor of Arts with a major in Linguistics and minor in Psychology, University of Alberta (1998)


Currently Teaching: Intercultural Management and Communications, Strategies for Teaching English to Children, Business English, Research Methods and Tools in ELT, Reading & Writing 1

Formerly Taught: English Speaking & Listening I, Analysis of English Texts II

Research Areas:

Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), Online Language Teaching, Second Language Acquisition, Child Language Acquisition, Lexical Morphology, Mobile-Assisted Language Learning (MALL), Intercultural Competence in Education, Machine Translation, Chatbots and AI, Brain and Language

Personal web:



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Manegre, M. (2001). The Combination of Lexical Morphemes: forming compounds and blends in child language. National Library of Canada. Thesis for Master of Science. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.22310.16966

Contact information:

Office: 2.15

Telephone: 977 55 9790

Avinguda Catalunya, 35
43002 Tarragona